Selective Soldering with High Performance Lead Free Solders

With the introduction of lead-free soldering the industry start looking for Alloys that are excellent alternatives for circuit assemblies that are located under the hood of automobiles or other harsh environments. After introduction in surface mount technology these Alloys are now available for liquid soldering applications like selective soldering through hole components.

In this project three of these commercially available high-performance Lead-free solders are compared to the standard Lead-free Alloy Sn3.0Ag0.5Cu for four different through hole assemblies. The three Alloys are Sn3.8Ag3.0Bi0.7Cu1.4Sb0.15Ni, Sn3.0Ag2.5Bi0.7Cu0.6Sb 0.05Ni and Sn1.5Bi0.7Cu0.05NiGe.