Reflow Soldering

Since their introduction in 1990, virtually all of the Vitronics Reflow systems supplied are still in operation. With thousands of systems in operation worldwide, they provide unmatched reliability that is the benchmark for the industry.  

Vitronics Soltec reflow soldering systems, deliver high-performance thermal processing for applications ranging from reflow soldering SMT lead-free alloys and pin-in-paste, to semiconductor packaging applications and curing.


Reflow Soldering Machines:
Centurion Reflow Soldering Oven 


Forced convection reflow is the preferred method of SMT reflow soldering of surface mounted components to a printed circuit board (PCB) today. The oven is typically separated into zones in which each zone is independently controlled to optimize the thermal profile of the oven’s process zone.

VItronics Soltec has developed a range of forced convection ovens designed specifically for curing applications.