Product Life Cycle Policy

To keep pace with market demands, ITW EAE – Camalot, Electrovert, MPM and Vitronics Soltec are continually developing new technology and products.  As we introduce new products older platforms enter a decline.  Product platforms planning is essential to provide an orderly phase out of support and to enable the correct level of support for the next generation of products.

ITW EAE – Camalot, Electrovert, MPM and Vitronics Soltec operates with a 4 phase level of support which is managed by Product Management.

Current Phase

A product is considered in this phase if the model is currently in production.  Full support is available including parts, technical support, field service, upgrades and training.  Engineering engagement on enhancements, upgrades and specials is active.

Stability Phase

A product is considered to be in the Stability phase if the model is not currently manufactured but is still within 1 to 7 years of the last date of manufacturing.  Design changes will more than likely be suspended on this platforms depending on activity and technology.

Full support including parts, technical support, and field service.  Training is available but may be limited as ITW EAE technical facilities may not maintain inventory.  Onsite customer training will be available.  Engineering support will be available on existing functionality and replacement parts, and standard upgrades.  All new upgrades and special requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis to determine feasibility. 

Archive Phase

A product enters this phase 7 years after the last manufactured date.  Technical Support will provide electrical and mechanical troubleshooting on a best effort basis and will provide customers with available support documentation.  Parts support will be available for available parts, but support for upgrades and spare parts that are no longer available or would require engineering resources to redesign will no longer be provided.  Field Service support and training may be available on a limited basis.

Obsolete Phase

A product moves into the Obsolete phase 14 years after the last manufactured date.  Technical support and training will no longer be available once a product has reached this phase, but some support documentation may be available on our Support Center.  Field service may be available on a limited basis.   Some spare parts may be available for purchase, but support for obsolete or unavailable parts will no longer be available.  

Click here for Stability, Archived and Obsolete List Effective May 16, 2024