Support for Industry 4.0

ITW EAE’s products lead the industry for factory integrations and equipment control.  Most of our equipment supports industry standards like CamX, SECS-GEM and SMEMA, and we also provide a robust open architecture interface called OpenApps.  With the OpenApps we offer connectivity from our equipment to customer’s MES and other production systems.  OpenApps is available as a development kit for customers who want to develop their own applications for controlling our equipment and managing information. Whether you need basic traceability of your process or sophisticated monitoring and control of your production lines, our machine connectivity can support your needs.

Growing with you into the future

ITW EAE’s global customer base ranges from OEMs to contract manufacturers across the full spectrum of industries where electronics are a key component, including semiconductors and advanced packaging. Our customers include companies focused in consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices; hi-reliability and military; industrial electronics and controls; telecommunications and RF; automotive and medical electronics; laboratory equipment and sensors; and many more.

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OpenApps Interfaces for MPM Printers

Common Process Controls Available:

  • Operator login validation and notification 
  • Send / Receive “recipe” for a panel/production cycle
  • Identify materials in use.  Decisions can be made at the MES whether these are appropriate. Alert the operator if anything needs attention.
  • Identify panel entering equipment
  • Control product into and out of equipment
  • Notification if panel is rejected or removed, including remote ability to accept or reject a panel.
  • Collect data for each panel processed (i.e. Squeegee speed, pressure and direction; paste type, temperature, stencil wiped, conveyor width) 
  • Nearly every operation performed on the equipment is made available through the OpenApps interface.
  • Utilize intelligence from Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment to tune the process throughout the production cycle
  • Reflow zone count, cell speed and temperature
  • Bad marks locations, fiducial alignment score and line inspection data from dispenser