Electrovert Cleaners Features

MicroCel Centrifugal Cleaner

Clean Room Compatible

The MicroCel is commonly installed in clean room environments that are common for medical and semi-conductor manufacturing environments.

Complete Drying

The MicroCel system uses centrifugal energy and heated flowing air to completely dry complex products in seconds.

Exceptional Cleaning

By any measure – ionic, SIR, or visual – cleaning results produced by the MicroCel technology exceed all other Ionic contamination of 0.00 micrograms/inch2, surface insulation resistance greater than 1014 ohms/ince2 and no visible residue at 45X magnification upon component removal are typical cleaning results.


Products cleaned in the MicroCel are held in place and secured to the robot head using either universal adjustable fixtures, standard magazines/carriers, or custom fixtures specific to your product type.

Process Chamber Size

Optimizing the product spacing and location within the carriers, fixture, and process chamber are key to maximizing the centrifugal energy and cleaning performance.  The MicroCel is available with different process chamber sizes that optimize cleaning effectiveness.

Solvent Versatility

With today’s uncertainty about tomorrow’s solvents, the risk in buying a cleaning system is substantial.  Expensive new equipment may quickly become obsolete when a change is made in the choice of cleaning solutions.  The MicroCel is the only system currently available that can handle most cleaning solutions, including DI water, saponified solutions, semi-aqueous solutions, detergents, alcohol-based solvents, and terpenes.

Zero Discharge

The MicroCel zero discharge system is an automatic, on-board, closed-loop, fully integrated waste water treatment system.  When using solvents that separate from water, the zero discharge system automatically removes the solvents from the used rinse water and returns the wash solvent to the wash reservoir for reuse.  The used rinse water is then processed through the four-stage purification process, including microbial control, 5-micron filtration, carbon adsorption, and mixed bed deionizing resin to restore the rinse water to is original purity level.